Technical Info



We offer basis information about following areas

  • Fundamental descriptions of silicate ceramic, oxide ceramic, nonoxide ceramic and piezoelectric ceramic materials.
  • Typical properties of ceramic materials, their technical specifications and their major fields of application.
  • Examples of products made from technical ceramics listed under their field of application and the manufacturer.


Far ones going information are

The Brevier technical ceramics  supplies an overview of characteristics, applications, manufacture and manufacturing processes of technical ceramics. It describes further ceramics-fair designing, connecting and adding technology. The remarks are supplemental by numerous illustrations and are therefore an ideal companion in the everyday life of the ceramics user.
The seminar documents of the years 1999 to 2003, deposited as pdf (German), are likewise suitable for the recess of special topics. In everyone that meeting year was reported both on fundamental and on selected applications.

08. Januar 2007

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