Verband der Keramischen Industrie e.V. (VKI)

Schillerstr. 17
D-95100 Selb
Phone: +49, 0)92 87/8 08-0
Fax: +49, 0)92 87/7 04 92


The Association of German Manufactures in the German Industry (Verband der Keramischen Industrie e.V. (VKI) has evolved from two organizations: the Association of Bavarian Porcelain Manufacturers founded at Selb in 1898 and the Association of German Porcelainware Manufacturers headquartered in Berlin until 1945.

VKI is a German industrial association with nationwide functions, and a Bavarian regional employers' association for the following industries:

  • Porcelain pottery and decorative products
  • Crockery and earthenware
  • Technical ceramics
  • Dutch tiles

VKI represents and promotes the interests of its member companies in the economic and social policy arena and in official wage contract negotiations.


Via the "Federation of the German Fine Ceramic Industry" (AKI), the German Ceramic Industry Association is a member of the Federal Association of German Industry [(BDI) Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie] and the Confederation of German Employers' Associations [(BDA) Bundesvereinigung der Deutschen Arbeitgeberverbände]. It is also a direct member of the European Union of Ceramics Associations, CERAME-UNIE.


VKI also supports the following organizations:

08. Januar 2007

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